10 Things to do in Winter

Winter in Dawson City is an experience like no other! Locals say you’re not a sourdough until you’ve spent a winter here. So we’ve put together 10 fun activities sure to make yours unforgettable!

See the Northern Lights

Winter is the perfect time to see the northern lights. They come out to play on clear, cold nights from August to April. So bundle up, grab a thermos of something warm, and head out to catch the show!

Snowshoe in Tombstone

Tombstone Territorial Park is stunning in all seasons. Why not get up close with the snow-covered tundra and mountain peaks on a pair of snowshoes? Just strap them on and go! 

Make Tracks

If you’ve got access to a snowmobile, it’s a fabulous way to see the area surrounding Dawson! Head out along the frozen rivers, up the Midnight Dome, or over the Top of the World Highway. Looking for a guided trip? Fishwheel Charter Tours does that!

Walk the Trails

Dawson City is truly a Narnia-like winter wonderland! Enjoy one of the many walking trails in and around Dawson City for a walk. Better yet, bring a friend or two! 

Get Cultured

Winter is anything but quiet in Dawson! From dog sled races to an international short film festival to a quirky spring carnival, your social calendar is sure to be full! 


There’s no better way to get around than by dog sled! Marvel at the soft shush of the sled on snow and the jingle of the dogs’ harnesses as they pull you through the gorgeous winter wilderness! Book an excursion through The Klondike Experience.

Cross the Ice Bridge

Drive (or walk!) across the ice bridge! Catch an afternoon sunset from the middle of the frozen Yukon River or head across to the campground for a bonfire. 

Get Lucky

Gertie and the girls may be on vacation, but from late January Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall is open on weekends. They frequently host community events to help fundraise for some of the many non-profits doing good things in Dawson. Get out and support them!

Midnight Dome Views

In the darkest depths of winter, sometimes the only way to catch a few rays of direct sun is from the Midnight Dome. You can drive, hike, ski or snowshoe to the top to get your dose of vitamin D and take in the always beautiful view!

Take Yourself on a Tour

Parks Canada may be closed during the winter season, but you can still stroll through town and see all of the historic Gold Rush era buildings! Bring a thermos of hot chocolate with you while you take in the window displays and read the informative signs. You can also borrow an audio guide from the Klondike Visitor’s Association, located on the second floor of the Visitor Information Centre!

We hope this round-up of activities has inspired you to get out in the snow and make some winter memories!

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