Your Place to stay in Dawson City

Accommodations have come a long way in Dawson City since the early days of the gold rush, where wall tents and ramshackle cabins were the standard. Nowadays, the standards are such that you won’t even realize just how remote from the ordinary you really are. From decadent suites in boutique hotels to serene off-the-grid camp sites with great views, Dawson City has really got it all. While accommodations have been upgraded and modernized, they’ve managed to maintain the rustic, frontiers-like spirit that makes this town so great.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Strap on your snowshoes, we’re heading for the snow! One of our most asked questions is “What do you even do in the winter season?” Well let us tell you! One of our best kept secrets is that winter time can be just as fun as the summer! Sure it can get cold […]