Games of Chance

Summer Hours:
7 days/week, May 8-Sept 26, 7pm-2am.
Sat & Sun, June 20 - Sept 14, 2pm-2am

Three Shows Nightly, $15 Entry.
*one show nightly Sept 11-14

Fall Hours:
Fridays and Saturdays Oct 2 to Oct 24, 7pm-1am
*Please note: There are no cancan shows

Winter & Spring Hours:
Fridays and Saturdays Jan 24 to April 18, 7pm-1am

1001 Fourth Avenue (4th and Queen), Dawson City, Y0B 1G0


We feature a mixture of traditional and modern gambling games at our Casino. With over 50 ways to test your luck, you’re sure to find a game to fit your style!

Table Games
We have 4 different and exciting table games to keep you entertained in our historic building!

Black Jack
Test yourself against our friendly dealers and see who can get closest to 21 without “busting”. A variety of tables are available for your enjoyment.

Traditional or Charity Casino rules– Gerties showcases $3, $5 and $10 minimum wagers.

Liberal Rules- Same rules apply as traditional black jack but players may double down on any two cards, split multiple times and double down on split cards.

Muti-Action– 2 or 3 bets are placed on a single hand. The dealer gets a hand for each bet the player places on a hand. This essentially doubles the number of hands a single dealer can play per hour. Splitting and doubling are still allowed.

North American Roulette:  Watch the wheel spin and bet on a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even.

We host live games and tournaments on a nightly basis. Most games are Texas Hold’em, however we do accommodate a regular Omaha Hi-Lo game as well. Come on out and test your skill against our friendly northern players. 

Come test out our northern one arm bandits! We feature over 60 slot machines from penny slots to $1 machines.

Red Dog
This game only uses three cards at a time, with aces being high. Suit is irrelevant. A wager is placed, and two cards are placed face up on the table, with three possible outcomes:

  • Cards are consecutive in number: player’s wager is returned.
  • Two cards of equal value:  A third card is dealt. If the third card is of the same value, then the payout for the player is 11:1, otherwise the hand is a push.
  • Two non-consecutive or equal value cards: A spread is announced which determines the payoff, and a third card will be dealt. Before dealing the third card, the player has the option to double their bet. If the third card’s value falls between the first two, the player will receive a payoff according to the spread; otherwise the bet is lost.

Money Wheel
The original slot machine! A wheel featuring a variety of Canadian bills is spun.  Players bet on where the wheel will stop. Each bill correlates to a different payoff. Watch the wheel go round and bet on your favourite Canadian bill!