Did you know that Discovery Channel’s #1 rated and most watched series “Gold Rush” is filmed right here in the Klondike Region?

Take a look below to see some spots that have been featured in different seasons of the show and where you’d have the best chance of spotting Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness or Tony Beets!

Parker Schanbel, Rick Ness, Tony Beets

First thing you’ll want do is drive out to where all the action is happening in the goldfields by driving the Bonanza/Hunker Loop just outside Dawson City.  There are many claims being actively mined in this area, including those featured on Gold Rush, but please note that they’re all closed to the public.  However, taking an afternoon to drive around this famous loop will have you feeling like an amateur gold miner! Look out though- these miners know the road like the back of their hand and will come tearing up behind you in their pick up trucks- but who knows- maybe it will be Parker behind the wheel!

Dredge Number Four

First up on the drive you can stop by Claim 33 to rent a gold pan and learn a few panning tips- even the likes of Parker and Rick would have started out with a pan in a creek!

As you drive along, take in the sight of Dredge No. 4–  largest wooden hull, bucket-line dredge in North America- and no it’s not Tony’s dredge- it’s better!  Having mined 9 tonnes of gold over its 46 years in operation, it’s now been restored by Parks Canada.  Read the interpretive panels or take a tour during the summer months and learn how this beast digs for gold.

Next, stop by Discovery Claim, the site where gold was first discovered in 1896 and started the gold rush that’s still going on today.

Finally, stop by Free Claim #6 and put those gold pans to work.  Bonus- keep any gold you find, but beware that the search for gold can be addicting.

Tony Beets Discovery Gold Rush

If you decide to drive the whole loop there are plenty of vantage points to stop and take in the view of the goldfields.  Stop at the Ridge Road Trail- in the distance is Paradise Hill, where Tony and his crew are hard at work.

As you keep driving the loop you’ll see old mining equipment, abandoned dredges and even spot the sign for Paradise Hill.  Stop for a photo- but please do not enter any mine sites, it will be considered trespassing.

Monica Beets Palace Grand Theatre

Take a drive around Dawson City and we’re sure you will recognize a few places!

Head down to the Yukon River and check out the Klondike Spirit– the same paddle wheeler where Rick Ness held Parker’s 21st birthday bash!  Next, walk up the street to take in the beautiful Palace Grand Theatre– you’ll recognise it from Monica Beets’ wedding reception.  Tours of the building are available through Parks Canada.

If you have your heart set on seeing a working mine, take a tour with Goldbottom Mine Tours.  They’ll drive you out to their active mine and show you how it’s done. After, you’ll be able to pan for gold on their property, and keep what you find!

Last but not least, you may be able to spot Tony Beets’ barge the Jasmine B on the shore of the Yukon River, in the north end of town.  If you’re really lucky you can watch it sail in or out of town while it carries supplies over to Paradise Hill.

Tony Beets Tailing Ponds Discovery Gold Rush

As you wander the streets of Dawson, keep your eyes peeled.  You might run into your favourite Gold Rush stars while having dinner, spending a night at Gerties or even outside the General Store.  There won’t be any fanfare though- you might even have to do a double take to make sure it’s really them!

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