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Bry Webb

Dënäkär Zho/KIAC 2nd Ave and Princess St, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Bry Webb is a singer and songwriter who first became known in a well-loved and celebrated Canadian underground rock and roll band, The Constantines. In 2011 Webb began to branch out in his solo career, creating his unique and signature sound described as "erier, minimal and organic." Endeavouring to give his songs life and longevity […]

Solstice Golf Tournament

Dawson City Golf Course Lot 1087, Quad 116B/03, Plan 83533, Dawson City

We are thrilled to invite golfers to the Dawson City Golf Course for the Solstice Tournament! The competition will have a shotgun start at 9 pm, where teams of four will begin on staggered holes and play beneath the midnight sun. There will be an award ceremony held for all participants where the overall winners […]

Solstice St. Jean with New Hermitage & Beau Nectar

Dënäkär Zho/KIAC 2nd Ave and Princess St, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Celebrate Solstice St. Jean with live performances from the bilingual band Beau Nectar,  and the New Hermitage as we celebrate Summer Solstice and St. Jean Baptise. Explore the relationship and impact with have with nature with these incredible performers. All ages with a licenced cash bar (19+) For more information and tickets visit Eventbrite Lorem […]

Sarah Jane Scouten with Cud Eastbound

Dënäkär Zho/KIAC 2nd Ave and Princess St, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

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William Prince at the Palace Grand Theatre

Palace Grand Theatre Third and King St, Dawson City, Canada

Spend an incredible evening watching award-winning William Prince perform in the Palace Grand Theater. Prince continues to add depth and dimension to their exceptional body of country and folk-inspired sounds,  and lyrics filled with soul and introspection that truly reflect life's journey. Prince's relationship with music started at home in Manitoba where his father's country […]

Mo Kenny with Sophie Noel

Dënäkär Zho/KIAC 2nd Ave and Princess St, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Join these incredible East Coast musicians as they bring their folk-inspired melodies to the North.  Celebrate Sophie Noel's return north with their debut EP Confluence, inspired during a long Yukon winter, these five songs guide the listener through the depth of loss and renewal. Follow Sophie's journey of contrast through their contemporary folk melodies and […]

The Great International Klondike Outhouse Race

In the Great Klondike International Outhouse Race teams of 5 will costume their outhouse as well as themselves and run a course that involves both hilarity and some serious racing!  A Dawson tradition since the 1970’s, the Outhouse Race began as a serious 5km race between distance runners.  Nowadays, all ages and running abilities are […]

Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival

The Dawson Daily News Print and Publishing Festival presents an inclusive, innovative, community-minded celebration of visual printmaking, literature, publishing, and heritage. The festival invites a wide range of guests from emerging to established printmakers, publishers and writers who embrace the spirit of creativity and collaboration.  Stay tuned for more information or visit KIAC.ca Lorem ipsum […]

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