Solo Travel in Dawson City

An appeal to spirited souls has always been a part of the Klondike’s magic, with no shortage of awe-inspiring moments, the heart of the Klondike has been motivating adventure for over a century.


Since the Klondike Gold Rush, individuals from around the world have been seeking new fortune here in the north. Whether you are pursuing peace, reconnecting with nature in Yukon’s abundant wilderness, or simply just stepping outside your comfort zone – the Klondike is calling.

The lookout to Tombstone Mountain

In Dawson City, there are a variety of accommodations for single travellers. From budget-friendly stays at the Bunkhouse and the Dawson Lodge to unique boutique-style rooms at Bombay Peggy’s and the Midnight Sun Hotel. You may even find yourself inspired to stay in the Whitehouse Cabin wall tents and cabins, which are as close to an authentic early Dawson City lodging experience as you may find, but with all the comforts of modern amenities.


Accommodations located in Dawson City give you an exceptional experience in the heart of the Klondike, where nearly everything is accessible within a 10-15 minute walk.  Find your footing around town with Park’s Canada guided walking tours. Costume-clad tour guides will not only explore the historical buildings and personalities of Dawson’s colourful past but also the present day, and are an easy way to familiarize yourself with the boardwalks and businesses located throughout town.


We suggest taking a look through our Where to Stay page to see all Dawson City has to offer for accommodations.

The lookout to Tombstone Mountain

West Dawson offers a quiet place for reflection and contemplation. Explore the scenic Yukon River banks and discover shipwrecks, remnants of three Paddlewheels that once traversed the Yukon waterways as the main source of transportation, now being slowly reclaimed by nature. After a peaceful moment of introspection in West Dawson ride the George Black Ferry back to Dawson City, where a welcoming atmosphere awaits you.


Located just a short ferry ride across the Yukon River West Dawson offers the perks of staying connected to nature just outside the amenities of town. Pitch a tent and sleep under the midnight sun in the Yukon River campground, or find yourself comfortably situated at Dawson City Hostel located a short ferry ride across the Yukon River.

The lookout to Tombstone Mountain

Long before this region of Yukon was referred to as the Klondike, it received the name Tr’ochëk from the First Nations who resided here. They travelled along the Yukon River with intimate knowledge of the land hunting Caribou, finishing for Salmon, foraging the abundant flora, and navigating the arduous winters of the north. Learn more about the heritage and preservation of the Hän and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in peoples, as well as the Tr’ochëk Territory at the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre.


For a more intimate experience of the land and culture of the Hän people, tour the Yukon River with Tommy Taylor and Fishwheel Charter Services. Tommy is a knowledgeable guide to the land downriver of Dawson City and he shares his family’s history, land, and the fishing culture that once flourished in the region.

The lookout to Tombstone Mountain

While solo travel offers the ideal situation for finding peace in one’s ability to be alone, it also offers an incredible opportunity for making new acquaintances.


Evenings in Dawson are filled with plenty of activity and excitement, if you are looking for a social experience, you have found the right town. There is no shortage of places to meet new friends ready to exchange travel stories and Yukon experiences.


Visit the Sourdough Saloon at the Downtown Hotel where you will find the room buzzing with enthusiasm to join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. The anticipation to kiss the toe is a perfect ice-breaker and quickly leads to an exchange of travel stories, possibly even making plans to meet at one of three nightly Cancan shows at Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall, where you will also find an easy social atmosphere amongst the table games and slot machines.


Enjoy a quiet evening pint while you bask under the evening sun on the Triple J’s patio or
relax while watching your favorite sports game at The Sluice Box Lounge located in the Eldorado Hotel. This space has a quiet atmosphere and is a favorite spot for local miners.

Find a bar stool at one of Dawson’s many nightlife establishments and you are sure to strike up a friendly conversation with a local or fellow traveler. The Westminster Hotel, built-in 1989, has collected many friends and tales over the years. There is no shortage of chances to socialize in the Westminster Tavern, a favourite spot for locals that is filled with stories and rich with Dawson culture. The Westminster Hotel also offers Dawson City’s very own late-night Lounge, open 8 pm-2 am and hosts live music on weekends. If you are looking for a more intimate venue to meet people Bombay Peggy’s is another great social experience. A nod to the working brothel era of Dawson City, Bombay Peggy’s has a wealth of history and culture and no shortage of deep discussions on the unique and captivating magic Dawson City has to offer.


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