Winter Wonderland

Strap on your snowshoes, We’re heading for the snow!

One of our most asked questions is “What do you even do in the Winter season?” Well let us tell you! One of our best kept secrets is that winter time can be just as fun as the summer! Sure it can get cold and snowy, but when the weather cooperates it’s a heck of a lot of fun! 

Northern Lights

We may call ourselves ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun,’ but sometimes we like it when it gets dark. It means that the Northern Lights are coming out for a dance!

Science Lesson: How do we get northern lights? 

Solar storms created on the sun create a magnetic charge, and slowly detach from the sun. They travel through the solar system, and collide with the Earth’s magnetic field. The particles from the storm are oppositely charged than our magnetic poles, which causes the poles to attract the particles. These particles travel to the poles, and react with an outer layer of our atmosphere, causing a colorful burst of light. Depending on the dominate element of the particles, the colours of the light will be different. Green is the most common colour, with purple and red being rare. 

You can view them from your bedroom window, or outside. Klondike Experience offers a Northern Lights tour, where they can take you up to the top of the Midnight Dome to get the grand view. 

Want to capture them? Check out our helpful guild.

Don’t know if they’ll be out for a dance? Check out the Aurora Forecast. 



Photo: Sonny Parker

Winter Sports

Dawson has way too much to offer in a sense of sports. We’ve got almost everything; snowshoeing, X country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice and road hockey, dog sledding, skijouring (X country skiing with a dog’s help), and of course the great Canadian sport of curling! And that’s just some of them! 




 If you haven’t noticed by now, Dawson City is home to a ton of crazy and lively events. But they don’t stop when the sun does. Some of our favourite events even happen in the winter. 

Starting in November you’ll get to explore one of the darkest months of the year with the Celebration of Lights, fireworks are included. 

We weren’t kidding when we said we’re all about winter sports. January is home to a curling bonspiel and a hockey tournament. But if you’re not into sports and like a more artistic way of life, (s)Hiver is something for you! (s)Hiver is a winter arts festival that celebrates the coldest time of the year. With installations, performances, and workshops discovering the cold hasn’t been easier!  

February is the shortest, and coldest month here in Dawson City, so the only way to make it go even faster is by loading it up with more events. Like January there are even more curling and hockey tournaments. For the thrill seekers,  we have Trek Over the Top, a snowmobile trip from Tok, Alaska to Dawson City. Spend a couple of days traveling the Top of the World Highway, and celebrate in Dawson with a casino night and games. 

Diamond Tooth Gerties is also open on weekends in the Winter. Although Gertie and her girls go on vacation