Explore the Klondike Waterways

Venture into the vast Yukon wilderness and explore the rich environment around Dawson City using the waterways that have long been a means of transportation in the Klondike region. Whether you are looking for a relaxing way to get in touch with nature, or a thrilling adventure the Klondike and Yukon Rivers offer any level of paddler an experience to remember.

The Yukon River

The Yukon River is the longest river in North America, and has been an integral part of transportation through the Northern Territories through out history.

Travel along the Yukon River from Dawson City to Fortymile for a day trip and find yourself emerged in Yukon’s rich wilderness and history. Start by launching from the Riverfront Dyke boat launch and paddle past many historic sites as you travel downstream, as those who first came to Dawson seeking fortune once travelled. From Paddlewheel shipwrecks, past historic sites such as Fort Reliance, where the Hudson’s Bay Company once had a trading post. Past the very waters Jack London wrote of in his reflections of Yukon, and the fishing grounds that fed the Han people who lived here for many centuries.

Explore the shore

Suspend yourself in time through a journey by water to the location of the first modern town was built in Yukon, where the First Nations people would meet to fish and hunt the once vast Fortymile Caribou herd as they crossed the Yukon River where it meets the Fortymile River. Rich in history this history site takes you far from urban living and deep into the cultural depths of Yukon. Along your journey you will not only see a river rich with wildlife, but the historic relevance the Yukon River had for the people who chose to explore and live on its historic banks. 

Relax on the water

Klondike River Guided Rafting Tour 
Unwind along the Klondike River with a guided rafting tour that starts from Rock Creek and takes you to the banks of the Yukon river along Dawson City. Your guide will safely steer you along the Klondike River where you will see the Yukon wilderness in its pristine and preserved remote nature. On the banks of the river you have a chance to see the wildlife that live in the Klondike. Spot moose, beavers, and even bears all from within the safety of your raft. While you quietly glide along the river look up to the treetops for bald and golden eagles perched high above the Klondike River. During late June and July peer into the crystal clear waters where the King Salmon journey on their run back to their spawning grounds. Stop along the banks and enjoy a snack and find yourself immersed in the land far from urban living. This half day trip is easily enjoyed by any family who loves the outdoors and wants to experience getting closer to Yukon wilderness. 

This portion of the River is also accessible on your own or with rented equipment from the Klondike River Experience. 

Find your adventure!

We hope we have inspired every level of paddler and explorer to get out on to the Yukon waterways to explore another integral part of the Klondikes history, for you never know what adventure awaits around the next river bend. 

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