Dawson City Cemeteries

May – September

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There is no better way to see Dawson City’s dynamic and diverse past than going to see the town’s various cemeteries.  From Front Street to beyond Eighth Avenue, visit over ten different memorial sites including the graves for “The Saint of Dawson” Fr videos von facebook app herunterladen. Judge, “The Iron Man” Percy DeWolfe, and “The King of the Klondike” Alexander McDonald.

Among the cemeteries you may visit are:

  • Yukon River Memorial – Beyond a small white building that overlooks the Yukon River is the gravesite of Father William S handy ticket download db. Judge (1899)
  • St Mary’s Cemetery – The first recorded burial in this large Catholic cemetery was of Charles Staley in 1898
  • Yukon Order of Pioneers Dome Cemetery – This cemetery contains the graves of many members of this exclusive group, including Shosa “Sam” Kawahara (1971)
  • Jewish Cemetery  – Marked by the Star of David, this cemetery contain only one identifiably burial site; that of Solomon Packer (1918)
  • New Public Cemetery – Opened in 1977, this cemetery includes many memorial Dawsonites, such as the leader of the “Free Alaska” movement, Joseph Volger bollywood filme downloaden kostenlos.
  • Masonic Cemetery – Surrounded by a blue picket fence, this cemetery contains the gravesites of Masons dating back to 1915
  • Hillside Cemetery – this public cemetery was established in the fall of 1898
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles Plot – Identified by a concrete marker, this burial site contains the graves of members of a popular community organization
  • Police Cemetery –  This cemetery holds the graves of 18 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officers who died between 1896-1936
  • Yukon Order of Pioneers 8th Avenue Cemetery – Predating the Y.O.O.P alle bilder aus der cloud herunterladen. Dome Cemetery, this memorial site pays tribute to members of this fraternal organization, which dates back to 1894.   

To find out more information about how to get to the cemeteries and to read the stories about the Dawsonites you can visit, please download The Walking Tour of Dawson City Cemeteries ubuntu herunterladen gescheitert.