Walking Trails

Ninth Avenue Trail

Immerse yourself in the history and scenery of the Ninth Avenue Trail. The Ninth Avenue Trail allows you to see the surrounding environment of Dawson City on a well-maintained and scenic trail that loops around the town. The year round, 2.5 kilometer trail takes about 30-45 minutes from start to finish and offers you an easy hike to enjoy views and fresh air conveniently close to the downtown core. The trail also allows you access to multiple other trails such as the Crocus Bluff Trail, Midnight Dome Trail and the Moosehide Trail (limited access).

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Walking on the Ninth Avenue Trail
Ridge Road Trail

Experience the history of the Klondike Gold Rush by following in the footsteps of the early miners! The Ridge Road Trail was built in 1899, it was the first government-built wagon road and was a major supply route to the goldfields. The Ridge Road winds along the high and relatively dry ground between Bonanza and Hunker Creek. During the Gold Rush there were many roadhouses, stores and suppliers operating along the road. The road was decommissioned in 1902 but you can still see the remnants of the once busy highway when hiking along the trail.

The trail is approximately 30km and hikers should allow two days to walk this trail. A campground is within a day of either trailhead.

Highlights of the trail include: the Yukon Ditch, 11 Mile & 15 Mile Campground, Soda Station  and the Upper Trailhead.

There is no garbage collection on the route, which means what you pack in, you must pack out.

And remember to always be bear aware when hiking anywhere in the Yukon Territory.

Waterfront Trail

The waterfront trail runs continuously from the north end of Dawson, along the Yukon River dyke to the confluence of the Klondike River. This trail offers numerous rest areas and interpretive kiosks, including signage about the living history of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people and various Parks Canada National Historic Sites, such as the S.S. Keno.

This trail is fit for all levels and is close to our Front Street shops and restaurants. As well, the green space surrounding the trail (Waterfront Park) is a hub of activity all year-long…so don’t be surprised if your walk includes watching a concert, meeting some locals, or participating in one of our unique Dawson events.

Walking on the Waterfront Trail in Dawson City
Orchid Acres Trail

This two-kilometer loop is located on the road to Sunnydale (off of the Top of the World Highway) and has views of both the Yukon and Klondike Rivers.  It is a popular choice for locals and visitors looking for a moderately easy walk near town.  In addition to offering stunning river views and forest landscapes, hikers also have the opportunity to see the Spotted Orchid (Cypripedium guttatum) which grows in abundance on these slopes at certain times of the year.

Viewpoint on the Orchid Acres Trail

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