Dredge No. 4

May – September

 867-993-7210 (summer)
T: 867-993-7200
E: dawson.info@pc.gc.ca

Dredge No. 4 stands 18 meters high amid the rough and rugged Klondike Gold Fields on Claim #17.  Leisurely walk around the site and learn about what it took to build, operate and maintain this massive machine.

Before your trip to Dredge No. 4, stop by the Visitor Information Centre or download the smartphone Dredge No. 4  Guided Tour app.  On location, a variety of interpretive panels give insight into the rise, fall, and legacy of this engineering marvel.

Exploring the interior of Dredge No. 4 is restricted to the unaccompanied public.  However, guided tours are provided by Goldbottom Mine Tours.

Dredge No. 4