Horseback Riding


Tombstone Territorial Park- Dempster Hwy km 93


T: (867) 689 6842


Tombstone Outfitters is offering horseback riding in Tombstone Territorial Park! If you are looking for something new to do this summer that is COVID-19 friendly, look no further!
This outdoor activity is a great way to experience the beauty of Tombstone while practicing safe distancing. With the guides being locals of Dawson, we have knowledge of the land and an understanding of the importance of sharing the land with wildlife/people. We have a variety of trails and lengths of trips that are best suited for your groups needs.


Enjoy a day up the Dempster with some great horses, amazing scenery and the adventure you’ve been looking for through this pandemic!


2hr – $200/person for 2ppl, groups over 2ppl is $175/person

– includes snacks

4hr – $350/person for 2ppl, groups over 2ppl is $300/person
-includes a small meal

8hr – $600/person for 2ppl, groups over 2ppl is $500/person
-includes a small meal

Kids under 15:
$100 for 2hr
$200 for 4hr
$300 for 8hr

We also offer over-night trips away from the hustle of town. You stay in a cozy cabin on a riverbank, with food supplied and gorgeous scenery right out the front door of the cabin:
Over Night Trip – $1000* per person
(One night stay over)

For more info on horseback riding in Tombstone, call (867) 689 6842 or email

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