Midnight Dome

May – September


No trip to Dawson is complete without capturing a photograph of yourself atop the Midnight Dome Download Christmas for free. Drive or hike to this incredible vantage point and take in a panoramic view of the region.  Marvel in the beauty of the Yukon River and Klondike Valleys, and spy on the Ogilvie Mountain Range in the distance herunterladen.

Driving Here:

Just outside of town, turn onto the Dome Road.  Follow the winding road for approximately 10-15 minutes, which will bring you right to the top.  Access to the viewpoint may be restricted due to weather and conditions kun je een app downloaden op een laptop.

Hiking Here:

Find the (unmarked) trailhead off of the Ninth Avenue Trail and King Street.  There are several ways to climb the mountain, ranging from moderate to difficult, so plan your trip accordingly.  Decide your access point using this map or by speaking to one of the friendly staff at the Visitor Information Centre de sims 3 for free nederlands.

The total elevation gain is approximately 1700 feet and the round-trip distance is somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 miles, depending on your starting point herunterladen.