Parks Canada: Commissioner’s Residence

Open Seasonally

867-993-7210 (summer) or 867-993-7200

The Maid, the Mountie and the Miner is a provocative new program this season will challenge you… History was messy lupo schülerversion herunterladen! Human beings with their quirks, power struggles and dreams are brought to life in this program, illustrating how tough situations get when societies and economies and lives change herunterladen. The Klondike gold rush was a time of immense change and challenge for the Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation, and for the hand miners who dug up these creeks stronghold crusader download for free. Take a peek behind the curtain of history and see the REAL story, told by those who were there.

*The Commissioner’s Residence will be closed for the 2019 season so that important upgrades to the fire suppression system can take place fraps herunterladen. Thank you for your patience while Parks Canada works to protect this special piece of Canada’s history.