Tombstone Outfitters

August- October

Tombstone Territorial Park


T: (403) 327-7482


At Tombstone Outfitters we offer majestic hunting and adventure experiences in Canada’s Yukon!

We take proper game management seriously to ensure that we can provide both mature and quality animals to be harvested in future years to come. We are proud of our well trained herd of horses and good quality equipment used to ensure a comfortable experience during the duration of your stay.

Moose Hunt
We offer traditional horseback hunts for Moose. Horseback hunts allow us to venture into remote areas where we have harvested some remarkable moose. Mature bulls average 58″-60″, although we have also taken trophies measuring in the 70″ range. Tombstone Outfitters offers five moose hunt dates per season each lasting 10 full hunting days.

Fannin Sheep Hunt
Our success rate for sheep hunts is about 75% on average, however the success rate for sheep increases to 90% for hunters who are in good physical condition. Three sheep hunt dates per season lasting 10 full hunting days.

Grizzly Hunt
Although we can offer a specific 10 day Grizzly hunt we typically harvest Grizzly bears as a second animal in combination with mainly moose hunts. Tags for all the animals are included in the hunt price but harvest fees are extra for any additional animals harvested. Grizzly season opens August 1st. We recommend hunting Grizzly in September or October as the hair is longer and the success rate is higher.

Caribou Hunt
We offer Caribou hunts as a specific 5 day or 10 day hunt from August 1st-October 15th. They can also be harvested as a second animal in combination with sheep, moose or grizzly. We have over 90% success rate and have been fortunate enough that each season several trophies score well enough to make the record book.

At Tombstone Outfitters, we work to make every trip a successful adventure.

With our experienced crew, you will be well looked after.

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