Photo Credit: Fritz Mueller
Photo Credit: KVA
Photo Credit: Government of Yukon/ D. Crowe
Photo Credit: D. Reinmuth
Photo Credit: Government of Yukon / Cathie Archbould

Plan Your Trip

The journey to Dawson never was—and still isn’t– for the faint of heart. Whether you arrive in your own vehicle after meandering down the impressive Klondike Highway, stepping off the plane from Whitehorse, or stepping out of your canoe after paddling the mighty Yukon River, you will most likely have experienced some sort of obstacle. But don’t let that deter you. Once you arrive here after your long journey (and it’s always a journey getting to Dawson) you’ll understand why people never want to leave.

Those who arrived in Dawson during the Gold Rush days were a testament to human strength, endurance and fortitude. And while today, getting to Dawson is as easy as driving your car down the highway, or hopping on a daily flight, if you still make the journey to Dawson, you can count yourself among those hardy few who never let difficulties stand in the way of their adventurous spirits.