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Did You Know?

Dawson City is named after George Mercer Dawson, director of the Geological Survey of Canada and leader of the expedition that explored the region in 1887, with the purpose of surveying the Alaska boundary at the Yukon River.

Did You Know?

For fifty-five years between the creation of the Yukon in 1898 and 1953, Dawson City was the capital of the Yukon.

Did You Know?

In only one year– 1900– was more than a million ounces of gold taken out of the Klondike goldfields. At that time is was only worth $22 million.

Did You Know?

Tex Rickard, who went on to build Madison Square Gardens and start the New York Rangers, worked as a bartender in Dawson during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Did You Know?

Prices in Dawson were so high during the gold rush, even a nail cost twenty-five cents.

Did You Know?

Before Dawson’s first bank opened in 1898, everything was paid for in gold nuggets and gold dust, carried around in caribou skin pouches called “pokes”.

Did You Know?

At the height of the gold rush, Dawson was so cut off and people so hungry for news, that even months old newspapers were auctioned off. Some kind people read their papers aloud in public.

Arctic Road Trip – Guided Self Drive

Drive the famous Dempster Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean yourself, on the northernmost road in Canada.

On your way north, explore the Klondike Gold Rush history in Dawson City, cross the Arctic Circle, see pristine mountain ranges and vast arctic tundra and enjoy sitting in the sunshine at midnight.

9-11 Days
From $5550
Winter, Summer, Fall

Arctic Circle Fall Safari

We invite you to Mother Nature’s spectacular fare-well to summer! Cross the “dotted line” in search of Arctic wildlife, mountains covered with colourful tundra and celestial fireworks.

Every nature photographer dreams of shooting the Aurora Borealis. Few have the opportunity to do so north of the “dotted line,” the fabled Arctic Circle. Join us on Nature Tours of Yukon’s most exciting photography autumn road trip in Yukon.

7 Days
From $2850

Aurora Borealis Prospector

Experience the Northern Lights and historic Dawson City!
Join the Klondike Experience for a one-of-a-kind package deal in Dawson City! This three-day, two-night all-inclusive Dawson City tour package includes accommodations, breakfasts and dinners, Aurora viewing excursions, van tour, museum admission, and a Yukon walking tour.

2 Nights
From $890

Canoe the Yukon to the Dawson City Music Festival

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to travel to the Dawson City Music Festival this year? If your answer is yes, why not try out one of our Yukon River canoe packages!


5-16 Days
From $585

Tombstone Park Heli Hike

Discover the wonder of Tombstone Territorial Park’s backcountry – by helicopter!
After a scenic heli tour into the Ogilvie Mountain Range, your group and an experienced guide are dropped off at Talus Lake for four full days of photography, hiking, and exploring.

7 Days
From $3695

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