The Sourdough Challenge

Since the time of the gold rush, there’s been a saying that you’re not a true “sourdough” until you’ve spent a full winter here, seeing the river freeze and then break up again in spring. While you might not be able to stick around that long, we’ve got a shortcut for you! Pick up your Sourdough Challenge checklist at the Visitor Information Centre, complete 5 tasks from the list, then turn it in to receive you official Unofficial Sourdough Certificate!

Panning for gold at Free Claim #6

Find some gold!

You can try your hand at panning at Free Claim #6 on Bonanza Creek Road, or visit one of our local shops!

Danoja Zho Cultural Centre

Learn to say “Hello” in Han

A visit to the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre will help you cross this one off the list!

Artist's Market in Dawson City

Get Local!

Check out one of our many fabulous eateries, pubs and shops. Or hit the Farmer’s and Artist’s Market on Saturdays—it doesn’t get more local than that! 

Dawson City Music Festival

Attend one of our exciting events!

We’ve got so many to choose from! From the International Short Film Fest to Music Fest to the Riverside Arts Festival, there’s sure to be something for you! 

Sourtoe Cocktail

Dare to kiss the Sourtoe Cocktail

Join the club of thousands who have taken a shot with this gnarly, mummified human toe!

Taking a photo on the Midnight Dome

Take your picture atop the Midnight Dome

Hike or drive to the top. The view is gorgeous any time of year!

Diamond Tooth Gerties

Hit a “Jackpot” at Gerties

There are lots of ways to win big! You can gamble, take in a cancan show, or simply have a blast with friends!

Palace Grand Theatre

Find 10 Heritage Sites or Buildings

There are over 40 around town! Better yet, take a tour with Parks Canada and you can see inside them, too!

Watching the northern lights in town

See the magic of our Northern skies

Catch the northern lights, or the iconic midnight sun!

Reading poetry at the Robert Service Cabin

Recite a quote on Authors on Eighth

You can find the homes of four famous Klondike authors on Eighth Avenue: the Berton House, former home of Laura and Pierre Berton, Robert Service’s cabin, and the Jack London Museum

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