Bry Webb

Dënäkär Zho/KIAC 2nd Ave and Princess St, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

Bry Webb is a singer and songwriter who first became known in a well-loved and celebrated Canadian underground rock and roll band, The Constantines. In 2011 Webb began to branch out in his solo career, creating his unique and signature sound described as "erier, minimal and organic." Endeavouring to give his songs life and longevity […]

Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival

The Dawson Daily News Print and Publishing Festival presents an inclusive, innovative, community-minded celebration of visual printmaking, literature, publishing, and heritage. The festival invites a wide range of guests from emerging to established printmakers, publishers and writers who embrace the spirit of creativity and collaboration.  Stay tuned for more information or visit Lorem ipsum […]

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